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Winter Percussion – The Eleight

Winter Percussion

Gearing up for the transition from field to floor, the decorated Leigh High School Winter Percussion team is making a strong step into the season with their new technicians and a knack for standing out amongst their competitors. Last year, the team travelled to compete in Dayton, Ohio as a part of the WGI Percussion competitions. Making a trek again this winter season, the percussion team will be making their way to San Bernardino for competition and a possible victory.  With a positive season in mind, band director Alex Christensen oversees the program as a whole.

“Our program here at Leigh is known for innovation. Bringing something new to the activity,” said Christensen.

Highly anticipated, the incoming Winter Percussion team has a few new additions to the group. Along with new bass technician Blake DuPriest and new mallet technician Henry Atkisson, the team is accompanied by a new visual caption head with a background of working with the Blue Devils, a highly esteemed marching organization, respected for its high placing in competitions.

Participating this season as a bass drummer for the Winter Percussion team, junior Brandon Lovelady expects a fun season.

“It’s just a place where you can get to know people, make some friends, a fun program,” adds Lovelady.

Last year, we got to see the Winter Percussion team fall down the rabbit hole in their Mad Hatter themed show, “We’re All Mad Here.” So, what about this year? Expect a show regarding the matter of perfection. With innovation, fun, and a fresh year, this season’s Winter Percussion show won’t fall far from perfect.