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Apple comes out with new update

by Ben Reveno, staff writer

courtesy of Karlis Dambrans

Apple is always coming up with new ideas and different softwares to please its customers. On Dec. 12, 2016, Apple released its latest software update, IOS 10.2. This update brought new things such as a TV application and messaging changes. The TV app allows people to stream TV services from the app store such as Hulu, HBO, and other popular TV channels. It also allows people to save space in their phone by having only one video app instead of multiple.

Despite all the benefits, one channel that is left out is Netflix. Even though Apple doesn’t provide it, iPhone and iPad users are still able to go to the app store and download it separately.

“I haven’t really used the TV app yet. I don’t think I will either because it doesn’t have Netflix on it,” said Grace Broberg, senior.

Another big thing that people are talking about are the new emojis. Apple has brought 70 new emojis that allow people to express their feelings with different types of characters. They also added ‘Love’ and ‘Celebration’ effects on full-screen messaging, along with three new wallpapers.

“My favorite part about this new update is definitely the new emojis. Apple always brings new and cool ones and it makes me want to use them even more,” said Taylor Doty, junior.

Apple has already announced that IOS 10.2.1 and 10.3 will be coming out shortly.