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Good Vibe Tribe Club

by Lucas Martines, Staff Writer

Photo by: Lucas Martines

The Good Vibe Tribe Club is a new club at Leigh High School, that meets in room 69 every Tuesday during lunch. The club performs random acts of kindness both on and off campus. Although this is their first year as a club at Leigh, they are quite successful and stay active as a club, and have already done many things toward their goal of bringing good vibes.

Their goals are to “Bring good vibes, express kindness, and do kind things to make people’s day,” said sophomore Andie Pillsbury, club president.

They want to go out of their way to help others in the community, and by doing so, brighten their day and make them happy.

“So far we have written letters to kids, put sticky notes with positive messages on them in the the bathrooms, and passed out treats on Halloween, among other things,” said Pillsbury.

They are currently making care packages for the homeless at their club meetings. They also have some things planned for the future of the club, including volunteering.

“We’ve been trying to find somewhere to volunteer at, like a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter,” said Pillsbury. They also would like to pass out hot chocolate on a cold morning to warm up students mornings.

The club also has an Instagram account, where they showcase their events and what they have done. You can follow them @leighgoodvibetribe to see their activities.