How to plan a good Valentines Day date

February is here, and everyone is scrambling to figure out their Valentine’s Day plans with their significant other. Here are some ideas on how to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day date. Whether you and your significant other (or you and your best friend) are a couple who enjoys going on adventures in the mountains, or dressing up and going to a nice dinner in Santana Row or San Francisco, there will definitely be something for you guys to do.

“I would probably pick her up, get dinner or something, go on a nice scenic drive and finish it off with a movie and snuggles,” said Jaxon Richards, junior.

Skip the box of chocolates and the bear. Actually, on second thought, keep the bear; it’s cute. Start out the day by making breakfast with each other, then head to Belgatos Park and go for a hike; that would be a great way to start out the day. For the outdoorsy people, pack beach chairs, a football, and some blankets, and spend some time just sitting around a fire at the beach. When you’re done, head to Pleasure Pizza in Santa Cruz for a bite to eat.

“My perfect Valentine’s Date would be a cute little dinner, nothing too expensive, then probably stargazing with a bunch of blankets and such,” said Shraddha Santhosh, senior.

If you are into dressing up and going out for nice dinners head over to Santana Row. Try Yard House or Pizza Antica for dinner, but make sure you get there 30 minutes earlier than you want to eat so you can get your name down. Once you’ve had your dinner, head out for dessert at Smitten Ice Cream (it will change your life, believe me).

“What I would do is go to a nice dinner, like a really nice dinner, like Forbes Mill, and then go to a movie and end the night with a sunset,” said Owen Dyer, sophomore.

Other people suggest taking a more relaxed approach.   

“Eat some food, and hangout after I don’t know, and I would watch a romantic movie,” said Taylor Doty, junior.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Valentine’s Day! Enjoy your day out with your significant other and keep smiling.