Leigh mural gets a restoration

Leigh High School’s quad-facing gym wall is getting a restoration. The design features the illustration of cowboys and longhorns, but recently its color has appeared faded and in need of a clean up.  

“There was feedback from staff, students and parents that the color was fading and feeling a bit dated,” said Kara Butler, principal.

Restoring the painting may offer a transformation to Leigh’s campus.

“I think that it’s good to repaint the design, because bringing new paint and restoring it brings a new ‘Leigh’ to ‘Leigh,’ and new is better,” said Jack Naillon, senior.

Over winter break, Home and School Club’s School Beautification Committee began the repaint and repair.   

This process began a couple months ago with the cleaning of the wall because there was quite a bit of bird poop on it. Then some patch work was done on the wall to fill in some cracks and finally it was painted over the break,” said Butler.

Student art is shown in some of the display cases near the library and front office, but the painting is one of the only on campus.

I think it’s good that it’s being repainted because it’s like the only mural in the school so it should look presentable,” said April Gonzalez, sophomore.

The repaint will be done by parents and students in the School Beautification Committee. Along with the restoration, there will be black added to some of the lines in the design, “to highlight certain aspects of the mural,” said Butler.

The wet weather must let up for a few continuous days, so there is no fixed completion date.

Although there are no current plans for student art being added to Leigh, Butler said, “I’m always open to adding student art.”

Some students look forward to the idea of additional art at Leigh.

“I like to look at art, and it would be awesome to see pretty stuff every day walking down the halls,” said Thanh Vuong, junior.

Once the dry weather returns, a restored painting can also be expected to return to Leigh.