Leigh Winter Showcase Review

Pleasantly surprised doesn’t even begin to describe what I felt walking out of the PAC after “Truth in Comedy: 2017 Winter Showcase”.

The show was put on by the Advanced Drama, Drama 3, and Drama 2 classes. The students were responsible for all the tech, directing, acting, etc.

“This is their show,” said Bryan Ringsted, Drama and AVID teacher.

The goal of the show was for the students to get involved and to encourage the newly forming actors in their creative process.

The first scene kicked off the show nicely with clever and comical lines delivered well by Jessica Wallace, senior, and Adrian Spiga, sophomore.

“All About Biffo” and “He Who Gets Slapped,” featured Kallen Klum, senior, and Ryan McCarty, sophomore, two clowns who have a falling out—honest and valid arguments followed up with clown jokes; there’s not much to complain about.

“Ferris Wheel” and “Cain Town” performed by seniors Asha Nataraj and Chris Sarabia were both quality pieces. “Ferris Wheel” was superior, however, with a clearer plot and a more real emotional connection between characters Dori and Frank, due to vulnerable dialogue about one’s fears that proved to be very relatable.

Let’s give it up for the Hudson Sisters! Elly Hudson, senior, and Abby Hudson, sophomore, both killed it. They were featured in different scenes but both of them created beautiful subtle emotional characters that showed the audience their internal struggle without having to directly tell them.

Juniors, Collin Mitchell and Ashley Corbo, were counterparts to the different Hudson sister scenes, which also created deep and rich characters in two completely different ways—obviously and understated, but both were completely relatable. Facing their demons, confusion, and guilt, allowed for easy emotional connection.

The show ended with an ingenious piece with Corbo and Nicholas Enea, sophomore, saturated with playwright humor and quick witty lines.

The whole cast enjoys their performance that night.

“I plan on doing it next year too,” said Corbo.

Although it was a great show overall, there was a big fault sitting in the mezzanine as I was able to hear conversation in the tech booth, which felt very unprofessional and quite frankly like there was a huge lack of caring.

Besides the auditory annoyance, it was a good show that well showcased the students’ talents.