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Leigh wrestling takes on CCS

Natalia Varnamkhasti, Sports Staff

Photo by Peter Hoffman

With the start of February, the CCS wrestling tournament is right around the corner and the team’s months of hard work will be put to the test. Last year, Leland Ledger, senior, finished in second place out of the students from 144 schools and advanced to the state tournament, where he represented Leigh High School for the second year in a row.
Nathan Crew, a senior on the team, spoke about the process of CCS. The CCS tournament is held in the gym at Independence High School. It is always the most well-attended match of the year for Longhorns.
“First off, the top four from leagues are sent to CCS and then the top 2 from CCS go to state. It’s like a giant tournament,” Crew said.
The competitiveness is heavy and the physical risks are increased. Wrestling is a combat oriented sport and it is different from most of sports because it is man on man.
The team here at Leigh is co-ed and they have a girl, Maritza Ochoa on the team. Ochoa’s teammates have agreed that she is most likely making it to CCS in a separate category for the girls.
The expected regular competitors for CCS are Trevor and Grant Keiser, Leland Ledger, and Trent Nuzum who is currently ranked #19 in CCS.
Getting picked to wrestle at CCS is not a big surprise. In fact, every school has the opportunity to send people to represent their league. However, doing this year, the Kaiser twins—Grant and and Trevor—and Leland Ledger have been picked and are going to CCS. CCS is very hard considering the amount of kids that compete and their skills are almost close to perfected.
Based on past rankings, they are speculated to succeed in their matches. The boys have been prepping and go to practice daily, spending a lot of time on the mat.
Grant Kaiser has been to CCS both his freshman and sophomore year. He describes the atmosphere as exciting and open. Grant considers it a great experience no matter what he places. There is always so much to learn from and experience, you will not walk away like you have los.
“I hope to place high in the tournament this year and I expect the rest of the people who qualify to also do really well. We train every day and we will be prepared when the time comes,” Grant Kaiser said.
Trevor Kaiser also qualified for CCS freshman and sophomore year along side his twin brother. Last year, in his sophomore year, he finished in fourth place.
“I hope to finish higher up on the podium this year and qualify for the state tournament,” Trevor Kaiser said
All the boys and Ochoa are prepared to take on this year’s CCS and leave room for only improvement.
From what the boys say, this looks like another great year for our Longhorns to dominate the CCS competition.