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National Honors Society Ambassadors

by Jessie Lee, Staff Writer

Photo by: Shayan Akhtari

Recently, National Honors Society has developed an ambassador system, which allows volunteered students to serve as an ambassador by assigning students that need tutoring to appropriate tutors for particular subjects.

While their tasks may seem simple, the requirements of these ambassadors are complex. Each ambassador has been assigned to one of the major subjects: english, math, science, world languages, and history. Since individual ambassadors will be in charge of the same students or the same tutors, communication between ambassadors will be crucial.

They must also check tutor-student relations regularly to make sure that scheduling and progress are stable. In addition, technicalities such as checking lists weekly, reaching out to students that need tutoring and searching out tutors will all be expected from each ambassador.

All this hard work definitely does not go unrewarded.

“The benefits of being an ambassador is to get credits for all their NHS hours and to get special recognition,” said Millan Chaudhary, senior and co-officer of NHS. Chaudhary also mentioned that it is always possible that these positions may benefit the students with standing out in college applications.

“Juniors that want to become officers plan on becoming ambassadors to do so,” said Nick Nolan, senior and co-officer of NHS.

Chaudhary emphasized that ambassadors work by reaching out to not only students, but parents as well, in which they take active roles in expanding NHS and learning to help people in general. Through its newly implemented ambassador system, NHS hopes to reach out more to students in need of help at Leigh High School.