New classes coming to Leigh for ’17-’18

This time of the year Leigh students are treated to the teasers of the honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and elective classes. They will be able to sign up for those classes and get a chance to know what the new classes are for the 2017-2018 school year at Leigh.

The new classes that will be offered are AP Macroeconomics, Elective PE, Career Education 1, AP Spanish Literature, and Senior Seminar Math.

The classes are for juniors and seniors, with the two new AP classes, new elective classes, and a new math class.

AP Macroeconomics is a class that will focus more on the economics and business side of history and less on the government side of history, unlike AP Government, which does the opposite. This class offers seniors a different option for an AP history course.

“AP Macroeconomics is a college level course which focuses on the principles of economics that apply to an economic system as a whole. Emphasis is placed on the study of national income and price determination. After analyzing different measure of economic performance, we will explore the economic problems of inflation and unemployment using aggregate supply and aggregate demand analysis,” said Melissa Fales, current AP Government teacher.

Another new AP class is AP Spanish Literature, which focuses on different texts in Hispanic literature. Students will be learning the history and culture of the time period in which the books were written to help students better understand the literature.  

The students will talk about the plot, main and secondary characters and how they interact, symbolism, the climax and conclusion. Since finding the time to read will be the biggest challenge, I will give the students 30 minutes of reading time in class,” said David Keck, teacher of the class.

Elective PE is a new elective class that will be offered next year and it gives students a chance to do exercise in school. Students will learn how to make fitness goals, principles of training, and how to make a strength training and conditioning program. This is to help bring a creative approach to fitness.

“We are very excited to have elective P.E back at LHS !  As a department we can not wait to work with our 11-12 grade students to assist them in their own fitness goals” said Andrade, Pe teacher.

A new class that will be available for juniors is Career Education 1. This class is the start of a pathway for students who are interested in pursuing  teaching as a profession. It is a class that helps students who want to be a teacher or work in that field and it helps introduce students to that field and steps to get to the field.

The last class that will be offered next year is Senior Seminar Math. This math class is an option for seniors who don’t want to take an AP level math or statistics, however, still want to continue taking math classes. This class differs from Trig/ PreCalc (becoming PreCalc/IM4) because this class unifies concepts from previous math classes rather than continuing with the IM series. This course focuses on a conceptual understanding of Algebra and Geometry, along with the topics included in the CSU math system.  

“[This class] can also take the place of the math entrance exam at the CSU level,” said Shannon Lane, vice principal.

The new classes coming to Leigh will give students more options for their school schedules and a chance to explore new classes.