Pool to be fixed soon

Students have been unable to use the Leigh swimming and diving pools. During the fall semester of this year, a valve broke on the pool tank, and the whole boiler room with the pool machinery was flooded. All the water was pumped out, but it had already damaged the machinery–more specifically, the pump system.

Damage assessment and repair began once the water was pumped out. The maintenance workers took inventory and ordered the necessary parts on Jan. 10. The pool’s pump system is only one year old, so the school tried to replace only certain parts damaged, rather than the whole machine, but it turned out that it was necessary to replace the whole pump. The pump arrived on Feb. 1.

Once it gets installed, an inspector will come, the heat will be turned back on, and after 48 hours, the pools will be warm enough for students, according to Shaughnessy. At the time of publication, he expected the replacement to be completed by Feb. 6.

Shaughnessy said the incident “coincided with the fact that we were already going to get an upgrade to our system because we were the last school in the district that was still chlorinating the pool by hand,” and a chlorinator was installed.

Since Jan. 30, the start of the season, the dive team has been practicing at Branham, according to junior Tina Bidgoli, dive team co-captain. The swim team has been doing dryland workouts, according to junior, Sydney Stenstrom, who is a member of the team.

On Jan. 30, Ben Bethune, swim coach, emailed the team that the “pump should be fixed within the next couple of days and, hopefully, the pool will be ready to swim in a few days after that.”

Marita Beard, physics teacher, is glad to hear that the repair work is completed, and the annual cardboard boat races will continue as planned this year in the pool.

“I am super excited that we will be able to continue this physics tradition,” Beard said. Shaughnessy attested that the repairs would happen as soon as possible.