President Donald Trump’s inauguration

Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration occurred on a rainy day — Friday, Jan. 20. Barack Obama, George Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump were all present. There were five religious preachings and two choir performances, followed by the new president making his vows and giving his speech. Trump’s speech emphasized how American citizens will get “the power back”, how he’ll stop all crime and violence, how he plans to help people who are struggling to survive in the lower-class urban areas, and how it’s a historical moment.  Trump’s plan for his first 100 days after gaining office includes carrying out his initial plan of the constructing a wall spanning across the border between United States and Mexico at the cost of U.S. tax dollars as opposed to making “Mexico pay for it” as Trump initially intended. However, he does intend to tax 20 percent on Mexican imports to help pay for the wall.  

Regarding  his immigration policy of building the “Trump Wall,” Trump had a conversation with Brandon Jurr, a member of the border patrol agency. Upon further discussion, Trump decided that it is not necessary to build a wall spanning across the entire border, but rather in strategic locations.

“I think that the vast majority of people are completely ignorant on what’s going on…and that there’s a large percentage of the country that’s very happy and there’s obviously a large percentage of people who are unhappy about what’s going on. I just think that one side is acting like adults and the other side’s acting like children.” said Frank Von Rassler, history teacher, when asked for his opinion on how the nation acted in response to the inauguration of the new president.

Other than Von Rassler’s views on him, there are some students who despise Trump, some who are excited for his presidency, some who are indifferent to the entire presidential inauguration, and some who do look forward to seeing the new president in action after the inauguration.

“I’m not happy, but it’s like, what can I do about it?” said Britney Young, junior.

It is arguably unpredictable as to how Trump’s presidency would impact the country.

“I think a lot of his opinions are over the top. I think the wall will cause more problems than it will solve,” said Will Migdol, junior.

Everyone has their respective views, but as the situation stands, people are generally uncertain of the effectiveness of the new president.