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Rogue One movie review

By Kaylee Flores

It’s Star Wars season again and endless lines of eager fans line up to see the new prequel “Rogue One”. Right away, the viewer will notice the difference between “Rogue One” and the original “Star Wars” films because of the changed introduction music. This clearly indicated that the film would not be a typical Star Wars movie.

This film revolves around the main protagonist Jyn Erso, played by Felicity Jones. Right off the bat, the movie goes into drama and thrilling action scenes. The main plot follows the adventure of Rebel spies attempting to get their hands on the plans to the Death Star in order to destroy it. The movie is a bit slow at the beginning; however, it gives the audience the opportunity to get to know the characters, better understand the plot, and become familiar with the setting of the movie.

“Rogue One”’s actors were tastefully chosen especially with the amazing performance of Mads Mikkelsen, also known for his popular role in Doctor Strange as Kaecilius and for his recent role of Galen Erso. Mikkelsen brought Jyn and Galen’s father-daughter relationship to life with his great emotion and spot-on acting. This is what really differentiated this movie from the previous Star Wars movies: the actors didn’t have to act strong emotionally as if they had the force, but they made the characters more relatable due to the fact that they were somewhat normal people.

The realistic CGI was revolutionary; it makes the audience members feel as if they are placed inside the movie. These effects made my experience of watching the film in 3D very enjoyable. The effects alone were one element of this well-known series that has greatly improved with time and allows younger generations to connect with the films.

This movie is great to see with family or friends because it is not directed towards only one generation. Despite the PG-13 rating, “Rogue One” will allow younger audience members to connect to the characters. The realistic CGI will pull in the viewer no matter the age. “Rogue One” filled the many plots holes in the original series, and the ending directly ties into “A New Hope”.