Roller hockey season has been a roller coaster ride

Canada-raised seniors John Morcom and Cody Mason have always had hockey as a big part of their lives.
Morcom and Mason began playing roller hockey in middle school. Mason has been playing for six years and is on his third year of playing for Leigh. Morcom has been playing at Leigh for two years.
When asked if they would continue playing hockey past their high school years, the boys agreed that this year would be the last.
“However, I will always be a fan. Go Sharks!” said Morcom.
“I think my career is over,” said Mason.
Morcom has played ice hockey before, while Mason has solely stuck to roller hockey. Mason has expanded his experience and played outside of school in a club for the San Jose Sharks.
Leigh roller hockey practices are at Silver Creek Sportsplex and take place on Thursdays from 6:15 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.. Their games are every Saturday. They are coached by Danny Salazar, a Leigh alumnus.
There are two different teams and they are for different playing capacities. Mason has eight people on his team and Morcom has ten. The team with fewer players is at a more advanced level.
The boys agree that their team receive very little recognition in their school and community.
“I’m pretty sure that like 90% of Leigh don’t know we have a hockey team” Mason said.
“Not even our parents go to the games,” joked Morcom.
However, the team is working on growing the team. The team is very close knit and most of those who start freshman year are expected to play for the team until senior year, like most others.
“It’s a good experience- it’s a lot of fun. All of the guys are close to each other,” said Morcom.
The boys agree that it has been a great four years on the roller hockey team, they will be greatly missed and we hope that their impact will be felt for the years to come. Go Longhorns!