The return of a legend; the beginning of an era

The man, the myth, the legend: Tom Brady. This man is the definition of a perfect quarterback. He has everything a coach would want in a quarterback–the leadership, the passion, the knowledge of the game, the collectivity, and much more. Almost everyone knows the story of Tom Brady. The Bay Area boy from Serra High School and drafted out of Michigan University in 2000 in the sixth round 199th overall. In the draft he was highly overlooked thus being drafted so late. But who would want this quarterback who was left up for grabs for so long in the draft? No other than Bill Belichick, of course. Bill Belichick is probably one of the best coaches of all time as well, because not only is he just an absolute mastermind when it comes to football, he basically made Tom Brady the quarterback he is today. Since being drafted in 2000, Tom Brady has won four of the six super bowls he’s been to and has made countless playoff appearances. Brady is known for taking guys on his team that were pretty much “nobody’s” in the league to “somebody’s” and big shots. What that shows about Brady is that he will take anybody to work with and make them better. Not only is he bettering the other by doing this, but he’s bettering himself at the same time. Brady is easily one of the best if not the best quarterbacks to ever play the game of football. “Touchdown Tom” has been in the league for 17 seasons now, yet is showing absolutely no signs of aging on the field nor physically. It seems as of now, he has many years of football left in him. The three time Super Bowl MVP headed to his seventh Super Bowl and planned on adding a fifth Super Bowl ring to the four he has already. This Super Bowl Sunday was history in the making.


With a dominating 44-21 victory over the Green Bay Packers, Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons seal the deal, and are headed to Super Bowl 51. This will be Atlanta’s first Super Bowl appearance since 1998 and second Super Bowl appearance in franchise history. This Atlanta team was nowhere near considered a Super Bowl contender at the beginning season, but after their 11-5 performance they put up this season, there was no further questioning of this team’s capabilities. Now the man who runs the show, Matt Ryan, also known as “Matty Ice” throughout the league, because of his clutch plays late in the fourth quarte. Matt Ryan was drafted in 2008 as the third overall and out of Boston College. Since then, the Falcons owners have built a team around him. Surrounding him with nothing but talent such as, all star receiver Julio Jones, receiver Mohamed Sanu, veteran running back Devonta Freeman, and many more. Despite the extremely rocky last couple seasons, the Atlanta Falcons now have nothing short of a powerhouse offense. “Matty Ice” has thrown for 4,944 yards, 38 touchdowns, seven interceptions, and a very strong quarterback rating of 117.1 this season. Looking at these stats from solely this season shows this nine year quarterback’s capabilities. Ryan is most definitely considered an elite quarterback, now he has the spotlight on him as he takes this powerhouse offense to the Super Bowl. If Ryan is able to lead his team to a win in the most watched sport event ever, not only would it be his first super bowl win, it’d be the franchise’s first Super Bowl win ever. There is a lot of hope in this Atlanta team and Matt Ryan is the man for the job.