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Winter Ball shatters expectations

by Alexa Checklenis, In-Depth Editor

by Tara Mandrekar

This year’s Winter Ball brought about big changes that Leigh students have never experienced. Around 687 students lined up eagerly outside of the Glass House in Downtown San Jose for what would be their first dance held off campus. In past years, the cafeteria and gymnasium held the almost 400 guests that usually attend.

Many students believed that the size of the venue and the new DJ played a big role in why this venue made for such a great night. Many Leigh students explained how the space of the ballroom made for much more dancing room and was more comfortable temperature wise. In addition to the size, there was a bar with complimentary drinks that students could pick up any time which made for a relaxing hang-out spot that the on campus venues did not provide.

“I liked it a lot better than previous dances,” explained Hannah Mapes, senior. “I liked the DJ and the little bar for drinks was cool. There was a lot of space to dance as well as places to hang out and talk. It was much more comfortable and cool than in the gym.”

The leadership class not only did an amazing job on finding the perfect venue for Leigh’s first off campus dance, but the decorations fit perfectly with the theme. The ballroom was decorated with beautiful white table cloth high tables, and streamers that made the “Glass Slipper Ball” so magical.

“The decorations were really nice and definitely set the mood for the night. The venue was festive and fun and made for a great dance,” said Nolan Smith, senior.  

Leigh seniors explained how extremely thankful they were that they got to experience their last dance being off campus. Being at such an amazing venue and having beautiful decorations to add on, all students that attended the Ball were ecstatic about the outcome. A big thank you to the leadership class and administration for making this year’s Winter Ball so special and definitely a night that Leigh students will remember.