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Junior Achievement Club at Leigh

by Melody Azimi, Arts and Entertainment editor

Photo by: Melody Azimi

Junior Achievement Club is a newly formed club at Leigh High School that is currently working to start a business, known as PolarPix. This photo business is to be run on school campus, as members of the club take pictures of people in a photobooth with props, using polaroid cameras.
Junior Achievement is an entrepreneurial program organized by “The Company Program,” a program that introduces entrepreneurship to high school students. This program has now been able to reach Leigh, with the help of Tonette Slaviero, the work experience teacher.
“It allows high school students either as a class or after school as a club to run their own business while learning entrepreneurship concepts,” said Slaviero.
The Company Program provides a volunteer who works in business and industry. The volunteer that helps at Leigh’s Junior Achievement is Bhanu Chiturri, a businessperson who has worked for companies such as Google, Linkedin, and Uber.
The club meets on Tuesdays after school to collaborate about their program. Students in the club create their own business, product or service, much like what is done on the TV show “Shark Tank.” The purpose of the program is to teach students about what it takes to work together as a team of people with different tasks, as well as communicate efficiently and effectively. The different areas students can focus on in the club are Finance, Marketing, Management, Sales, and Supply. This club will also help students develop business skills.
The program runs for 13 weeks and, at the end of the program, the students participate in a competition. This competition is where they will be able to pitch their business idea to a group of judges, as well as tell them what they have learned from the experience of Junior Achievement.
“My favorite part about the JA Company Program is how students are given the opportunity to initiate, plan, and essentially create their own business. There is little-to-moderate teacher involvement, and most of the work is divided between five departments. I joined because I am interested in creating my own business and I thought it would be fun and a good experience before college,” said Aysan Ahmadian Sarai, senior.
Since Leigh doesn’t have a marketing or business class that students can participate in, clubs such as Junior Achievement allow students who are interested in the business world to have a taste of what it would be like to be working in that field. In programs like this one, students gain soft skills and interpersonal skills that they can use now and later in their lives.
The PolarPix business is set to start on March 16. Come support the Leigh Junior Achievement Club and its PolarPix business during lunch and afterschool, by taking polaroid pictures with your friends!