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Phone policy too varied: let students decide

by Maria Budman, staff writer

Photo by: Arman Nikfar

Students should try to stay off their phones during classes to learn effectively, but anyone who has ever attended high school classes knows that a lot of time is wasted, and it is not always necessary to pay attention for the entirety of every 90 minute class.
The inconsistency in the way the policy is enforced is a problem because favoritism is unfair and it is absurd for teachers to dictate this small aspect of their classes in innumerable different ways.
All teachers require that phones be away during assessments, and a zero-tolerance policy during a test is pragmatic, because students might cheat, or send pictures of the test to others.
But during the rest of the class, each individual student is mature enough to make the choice, as long as they do not disturb anyone else.
There are pros and cons of using cell phones during class, but students should be able to decide for themselves when to have them out.