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The food challenge

By Noemi Khachian and Ben Reveno


On Sunday, Feb. 26, we went to Iguana’s, home of the burritozilla. Why were we there? It was none other than Ben Reveno who decided to take on the challenge of eating the five pound, 18-inch, diabolic hunger killer. As Ben and I ordered the burrito, the cashier told us she would bring him a cup of water and a bucket. Seeing the puzzled look on our faces, the cashier responded, saying, “Some people throw up.”

As we waited, we watched as the cook prepared the monstrous meal. He kept adding on ingredients as the pile of food got taller and taller. The cook handed us the burritozilla with a doubtful smirk on face. We stared at the burrito in awe. Although he was hopeful for Ben, he knew that it would be a struggle. The 18-inch burrito sat in front of Ben, as he contemplated whether he could do it or not. I had little belief in Ben but he said “Noemi, don’t worry, I got this.” He grabbed a fork and knife and begin by cutting off a section of the burrito. He thoroughly enjoying the beginning of the portion. It was tasty and full of flavor. As a result, he finished it with ease, but unfortunately was unable to continue any further.

Overall, Ben ate more than a quarter but less than half. Good news, he had no need to use the bucket. Ben did not succeed in taking on the burritozilla challenge, but he tried and had fun doing it. If you or a friend are interested in taking on this challenge, go to Iguanas, home of the burritozilla.