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Empowering students with Empowerment Week

by Melody Azimi, Arts and Entertainment editor

Photo by: Arman Nikfar

This year’s leadership class introduced Empowerment Week to its student body, Leigh’s newest initiative for promoting a better environment on campus. Throughout the week, ASB succeeded in its goal to address the many topics that are pertinent to today’s culture, by offering a wide range of activities and events — such as the Leigh Talks Seminars — daily.

“The purpose of empowerment week was to try something new, and create a week to build Leigh community by giving students a voice and providing support on campus. We thought, by doing special events like Leigh Talks and Night of Lights, we could better establish a culture of welcomeness and comfort when people come to school,” said Andrea Hwang, senior.

Each day of the week had its own objective.

Monday was dedicated to meeting new people on campus. The goal was to reach out to people you have never met before.

On Tuesday, the prompt was acceptance day — acceptance of ourselves and of each other. This day included many talks dedicated to appreciating the person you are. During lunch, there was informational booths in the quad from Camp Everytown, the Gay Straight Alliance, and Autism Speaks.

The goal on Wednesday was appreciation. Appreciation of everything you have to offer the world.

“It was an exciting experience. I was really surprised by how many people showed up and supported me. I am really happy the school gave students an opportunity to talk about stuff they are very passionate about. I think there is a lot of potential for stuff like this to grow,” said John Tsortos, senior.

Thursday was Anti-Bullying Day, with talks on cyberbullying and lunch activities such as the Peer Support-Group Classrooms and the NAHS Bullying Art Gallery.

Lastly, on Friday, the theme was Mental Health, Balance, and Self Care. Again, there were a variety of talks and the special “Night of Lights” Ceremony was held to bring to attention suicide awareness and prevention.

Leadership truly gave Leigh a chance to EMPOWER students to find the confidence to stand up!