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Fortunate Youth concert review

by Lucas Martinez

Fortunate Youth is a reggae band from Hermosa Beach, Ca. I went to their show for $15 at the Catalyst club in Santa Cruz on friday the 24th.

The concert started at 8:45 but I showed up at 9:15 or so. There was a line to get tickets scanned that reached out to the street. The second opener, For Peace Band, was playing. It took a bit of time to push to the front but it was definitely worth all the sideways glances and grumbles.

The energy was high and both the crowd and the band was having a great time. By the end of both opener’s performances, the large room was full.

Within a song or two of Fortunate Youth coming on stage the energy had risen even more, making the band play even better it seemed.

“The show was even better than I expected, the band seemed to be having a blast which was fun to see.” said Sam Mesa, adventure specialist.

This was the first time the band had sold out The Catalyst and they were ecstatic that roughly eight hundred people had come out to see them play. Though not everyone there knew them that well, it did not matter to the band though.

“I didn’t know them too well, but enough to want to go see them live. Also my friends were going so I knew I’d have fun” said Rain Rippe,

But some listen and are quite familiar to Fortune Youth.

“I knew them pretty well and I was pretty excited to see them live” said Zac Martines, sophmore. Most of the crowd seemed to know the songs and sang along for most of the Fortunate Youth concert.

The concert wa pretty similar to the other concerts I’ve been to, but also had some differences. One difference was that it was the band’s first time selling out the venue, which had a very positive effect on the whole concert. Also the crowd seemed very happy to be there.

Overall I thought the concert was a good one, the band was loving the crowd and the crowd was loving the music.