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Hack the dorm room: 4 important things to consider while living in a dorm room

by Alexa Checklenis, In-Depth Editor

Photo courtesy of: Millyard800

‘Tis the season seniors! With all of the stress roaming around about acceptances, rejections, and waitlists, we tend to get wrapped up and forget about the good things to come with college! Think about it- a room, a cool roommate, no parents, no bed time, no one to force you to go to class. I mean come on, that sounds pretty sweet. However, what comes with that “no authority” thing is the responsibility of your own room. So, to save you from any chaos, here are 4 hacks to surviving in a college dorm!

Make a chore chart: You don’t want to be the one stuck doing chores all the time, so make a spinner like the one in Twister, but instead of the one arrow, make it a circle drawn into different sections surrounded by the square cut into sections of the chores that need to be done. With two roommates, draw the circle in half, with four roommates, drawn into fourths. Once you spin, the sections with the chores and the sections of the names will line up and no one will get stuck doing all of the chores, or doing the same chores every week.

Food Hacks: If you’re pushed for space, hang a shoe rack on your pantry door and you’ll have compact pouches for any snacks that would cause clutter. Life can get a little hard without parents, especially when you end up running a little late to class because no one wakes you up.

If you throw eggs into a mug, microwave for 30 seconds, stir, and microwave for another 30 seconds, you’ve got 1 minute scrambled eggs! Check Pinterest for a million easy ways to make a healthy meal before class.

Organization: Take the top opening flaps of cardboard food boxes off so it is an open box, then wrap it with cardstock or any paper you like. Like a puzzle, fit together any shape or size food boxes in a drawer to help organize your things. For bigger scale item organization, purchase stackable plastic drawers and place them under your bed.

Chores: To make the dreaded laundry much easier, get 3 bags designated to whites, darks, and others and maintain the laundry for once a week. Every Sunday is the best, to let you start the week fresh. As for dishes, whenever eating in dorm, it’s much easier to keep up with dishes rather than leaving them all piled up for one day. Make sure everyone in the dorm is willing to put their dishes away consistently.