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President Donald Trump’s Russian relations under investigation

by Jessie Lee, Staff writer

The rumors of the unusual relations between President Donald Trump and Russia have been the subject of several investigations recently in the House of Representatives as well as the Senate.

FBI Director James Comey delivered an announcement on March 20 in which he publicly disclosed the investigation regarding whether Trump’s campaign worked together with Russia to interfere with the election.

“The FBI has information that indicates associates of President Donald Trump communicated with suspected Russian operatives to possibly coordinate the release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.” stated U.S. officials to CNN.

GOP Representative Devin Nunes oversaw the investigation and disclosed two days after the announcement by Comey that communications Trumps’ transition associates were picked up by legal surveillance that did not relate to Russia yet still worry him. However, Nunes did not share his findings which generated accusations of him colluding with the White House.

On March 22, Nunes held a news conference without letting the committee Democrats know and concluded that those involved with Trump’s campaign might have been improperly monitored. The next day Nunes apologized to the Democrats for not informing them of the news conference.

Nunes has cancelled a list of events and meetings regarding the investigation including a public hearing with top former national security officials, a closed briefing between Comey and NSA director Mike Rogers and delayed a second public briefing. Because of this, the House Intelligence Committee are very convinced that Nunes is attempting to end the investigation.

While the members of the House of Representatives are indeed angered by the way the investigation is being handled by Nunes, this incidence serves as a reminder that they have no legitimate power in the minority. They do not have any powers over Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and the decisions he will be making or approving.

The investigation reveals a lot about the state of the nation in these polarized times. This sense of secrecy and exclusion adds to the many barriers of revealing the truth regarding Trump and Russia’s relations.