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Bike World Cup

Andrew Paoli

From early in the week, the forecast had been grim for Sunday’s downhill mountain biking finals, but after three days of blazing sunshine, most had forgotten the high possibility of chaos and disorder. Finals day began with dry and calm conditions, and the track remained as fast and brutal as it had proved itself in the days prior. With enormous, screaming crowds packed into the woods and lining the course’s edge, the atmosphere was beyond electric as racing got underway.

   Throughout the practice, it was nothing but sunshine, spirits were high and everyone was feeling great.

    A few days after practice was the qualification round. Generally, it is a great thing to get first place in the qualifiers. First place goes last in the race; this is an advantage to the racers so they know what time they have to beat.

     However, halfway through to finals, it was an absolute downpour of rain. This was a complete disaster because the top qualifiers ended up getting some of the worst times due to the slippery and muddy terrain. A lot of fans are outraged and demanding a redo on the second half of the racers however, this will not happen because they have already moved onto the next round of races.