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Raiders Move to Las Vegas – The Eleight

Raiders Move to Las Vegas

The former Oakland Raiders are on the move yet again. They’re headed to the party capital of the nation: Las Vegas. This is their fourth city change; they started in Oakland, then moved to Los Angeles, then back to Oakland, and they are now moving to Las Vegas.

This is not Oakland’s first attempt at relocation; in previous years while still in Oakland, the owner and general managers have made many pushes for renovations to the current stadium, or relocate to a new city and stadium. While the “raider nation” is not a huge fan of it, it’s hard to really blame the owners of the Raiders. They’ve been stuck in the rather shoddy Oakland-Alameda County [O.co] Coliseum for quite some time.

The Raiders moved into O.co in 1966. Since then, very little renovations have been made. Now, the coliseum is really starting to shows its age, and wear and tear. Not only that, but the Raiders also have to share the coliseum with the Oakland A’s, making the Oakland coliseum the only field in the professional sports world that is used for more than one sport. However, this double usage is wearing out the field more quickly. The field is clearly overused, as it displays many patches of loose grass and bare spots all around, making it hard for players to play smoothly and effectively on this field.  

Nonetheless, the Raiders are finally starting to turn on up hill end of sucess. Based on last season, the Raiders finished 12-4 and second in their division and made their first playoff berth since 2002. It all started with drafting a quarterback out of Fresno State named Derek Carr. Since drafting him, he’s done nothing but magic for Las Vegas.

Along with other key draft picks such as linebacker/defensive end Khalil Mack. And most recent addition to the team, formally retired running back Marshawn Lynch. Lynch retired after nine consecutive seasons. After being retired for one season, Lynch realized he wasn’t quite done yet. He is now returning to the city he spent his childhood, high school career, and even college career in. Some view this move as “one quick last run” to really seal the deal on his career. Lynch signed to a two-year nine million dollar contract.

Despite the Raiders’ “scenery change,” they will spend at least two more years in Oakland before going to Las Vegas, due to the construction of their stadium. Fans in Oakland are obviously extremely upset about this move, but they at least get to enjoy their team and their success for two more years to come.

There are drastically high expectations for this growing powerful team. But as far as things look right now, it seems rather hopeful for this team. The Raiders definitely have a good chance of making it far into the postseason this coming season if they just keep doing what they had been doing last season. And most importantly, as the great, well known Al Davis always said about his Raiders, “Just win baby!”