13 Reasons Why series review

Everyone has been raving about the recently released show, “13 Reasons Why”, produced by Joseph Incaprera and co-produced by famous singer and actress, Selena Gomez. The thought-provoking and heart-tugging show has connected to many people worldwide, especially high-schoolers.

Not only did the show receive more tweets than any other on Netflix, but it also got an 85 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Whether it’s positive or negative, there has been a seemingly never-ending buzz over this show since it came out.

“13 Reasons Why”  is about a sophomore girl named Hannah Baker who kills herself, leaving 13 tapes listing the reasons why she did so. It all begins when her lover and friend, Clay, finds the box of tapes on his door step. The show takes the viewer on a journey through the tapes, and thus her time in high school, emphasizing the message that you must be kind to one another because you never realize how much the things you do and say affect others.

Through a series of flashbacks and stories, we get an in-depth view of each of the 13 people’s part in leading Hannah’s to suicide. It is a nerve-wracking mystery, a bitter-sweet love story, and a beautiful drama all in one.

This show was a Netflix-produced version of the “13 Reasons Why” book, written by Jay Asher, and many are raving that it is even better than the book. However, along with the positive response, there has also been some negative backlash about this show.

Some think it is promoting teen suicide, making it seem like a fun romantic mystery. Others think it mocks their own suicidal thoughts and experiences by glorifying depression. Above this backlash, however, it’s important to look at the greater message being spread through this show. This show is eye-opening to a brutal reality of so many teenagers.

The depression, anxiety, and judgement teens may face throughout high school is overwhelming. The show is not trying to glorify this, but bring awareness about it, and hopefully overall guide people to be mindful of their words and actions.