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CUHSD Mixes it up with “Coachella” – The Eleight

CUHSD Mixes it up with “Coachella”

On Friday, May 12, Campbell Union High School District had its first ever four-school mixer at Westmont High School. Students from Leigh, Branham, Westmont, and Del Mar High School were all invited to attend. The mixer theme was based off the Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival, which takes place in Indio, Calif., every year in the spring. Coachella is best recognized by the 80’s inspired, Bohemian-style clothing festival goers wear. Those who attended the mixer embraced their inner hippie and dressed to the Coachella theme.

The event took place on Westmont’s football field and the extra outdoor space allowed for many additional activities that typical high school dances don’t allow. There was a huge stage and area to dance with great speakers and lots of lights, food trucks, a bubble soccer field, caricatures, henna tattoos, and even inflatable slides, basketball courts, and a surfing simulator. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and could find an activity to participate in.

“I loved the mixer! My favorite part was probably the bubble soccer and food trucks,” said Silas Viskovich, junior.

“There was a lot of different stuff to do besides dance, like they had caricature artists and henna booths. It was fun,” said Andie Pillsbury, sophomore.

The leadership classes at all four schools collaborated to make the mixer possible and give all the students in the CUHSD school district an opportunity to meet each other and socialize in a fun, care free environment.

A mixer serves as an excellent opportunity to build a closer relationships with the other schools, and to provide people the chance to branch out and befriend others in the community, outside of just Leigh,” said Ryan Campbell, senior and ASB president.

One thing that could be improved for next year is having a good balance between the number of people who go and how big the space is. This year there were approximately 1,500 students who attended. Because it was the first year a mixer had been held, there weren’t as many people as expected, considering all four high schools were invited, and a smaller space may have been better.

“It seemed very spread out. If everything was closer together it would probably have felt more comfortable,” said Pillsbury.

All in all, the mixer was a success and if another one were to be held next spring, it’s very likely that the attendance will be higher.

Leigh leadership students are hopeful that the CUHSD district-wide mixer will become an annual event for years to come.

Considering the overwhelmingly positive comments of those who attended, and the amount of tickets sold, it would seem as though the mixer is definitely something worthy of continuing on into the future. It has the potential to be a truly celebrated tradition between the schools, and the ASB will undoubtedly support another if it is greenlit by the district and each school’s administrative teams,” said Campbell.