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Leigh Athletics Year in Review

The 2017- 2018 school year here at Leigh High school has set the stage for many athletic achievements. Throughout this school year, every sport played by our Longhorns has received outmost practice and dedication. As the last of the spring sports come to an end, our year is wrapping up. Take a step back and look at the most defining moments of the seasons of athletes of  the sports here at Leigh.

Football’s very own varsity quarterback, Jared King, looks back at his team’s senior night as their best and most supported game this season.

“All our seniors went out on a good note, we all had good games and the team played well,” said King.

On the girls tennis team, sophomore, Maaike Vanderluit shares her the moment that she will remember most this season.

“I think becoming a singles 3 player as a sophomore was definitely as defining moment because It helped me realize my skill and I got to player against a lot of good players, which helped me develop,” said Vanderluit.

Lauren Halbach is a sophomore on the varsity volleyball team. She enjoyed the dynamics of her team and their integration.

“It was great to watch us start off as 12 different girls but form into a team good enough to get to CCS,” said Halbach.

Senior Lauren Fontes was injured last year and for a moment, high school sports seemed out of the question. However, Lauren still gave it her all for field hockey this year.

“I was able to do passback on senior night although I was injured,” said Fontes.

Dylan Johnston is a sophomore in his second year on varsity. He helped lead his team towards the end to an incredible season.

“My most defining moment was when we went undefeated in league,” said Johnston.

On the girls varsity soccer team, Siena Lee is another underclassman playing at higher levels.

“This season was fun for me because as a sophomore of varsity, I got to know some upperclassmen seniors that I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to play with,” said Lee.

Junior Shaheen Daneshvar, junior, on the boys varsity soccer team, played a large role in his team’s success this year.

“My most defining moment was when I scored a hat-trick in the first half of our game,” said Daneshvar.

On the wrestling team, Grant Kaiser has made it to CCS every year on the team. This season was very successful and they’ve only gotten better.

“The first dual meet of the year was away, at Cupertino, and I wrestled someone who was 3rd in CCS at the time, and  unexpectedly won. Although we lost as a team, everyone wrestled really well,” said Kaiser.

Baseball’s Michael Montrezza was on the journey towards league champs and a bid to open space division playoffs. His most defining moment was regaining Longhorn grip in leagues.

“Our comeback win against Mitty really showed us we can compete with anybody and we’re never really out of any game,” said Montrezza.

Anya Anderson is a sophomore on the lady Longhorns softball team. What will always define her year on the time was doing what most other schools couldn’t.

“Probably defeating the toughest team in the league,” said Anderson.

Junior, Kyler Spindola is one of the best this school and the track team here at lLeigh, has seen. He never fails to mark his mark on his races. His first season on varsity he has reached heights that are record- breaking for Leigh.

“My defining moment of my season was CCS top 8 meet where I placed top 10 and secured my spot as one of the top runners in the section,” said Spindola.

Seasons have losses and wins, and senior Alex Llorin wants to take a learning experience from his season this year at golf.

“The most defining moment of my season was at BVALS, at the first tee. It was the one I did bad on in the previous year and I was on the tee thinking this year would be better. I ended taking a really bad shot and had a horrible day,” said Llorin.

At the end of the day, all our athletes have put in the work to represent Leigh with pride. We thank each and everyone of those who showed up to practice, dedicated days to games, and balanced school with sports. Win or lose, whether it is a packed football field or empty gym, they have a lot to be proud of, and it becuase of all of that we throw our horns in the air whenever the chance presents itself.