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Prom 2016 vs 2017

by Arman Nikfar, visuals staff

photo by Shayan Akhtari

Senior year has flown by, and really almost all four years seem like a blur. I attended my first prom last year, and to be completely honest, I had no idea what to expect. I never had much desire to go to any of the other dances freshman and sophomore year, so, at the time, it was my first actual formal dance in high school. The venue was the Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Jose which was pretty neat; the parking situation was either valet or “find a parking garage and walk back”, which wasn’t too bad.

The actual room we were in was pretty massive, with a relatively small dance floor, so everyone was extremely packed together. The music was pretty good, except for the annoying moments when the music would just cut out randomly for about ten seconds until they got it up and running again. The dance ended an hour earlier than it did this year: at 11 p.m. instead of 12 a.m., most likely to avoid irritating the people sleeping in the hotel.

I went into this year’s prom with higher expectations than last year. I personally appreciated the venue of Club Autosport, and I know many other car enthusiasts did as well. The driving simulators where you could race all of your friends provided good entertainment within the four hour event and I witnessed many people sharing a good laugh. Not to mention the outdoor patio: it was a hidden gem until a number of people found it.

The dance itself wasn’t as great as the other entertainment options at the venue… I felt like I was at a middle school dance because the music was literally stuff I heard in seventh grade. I don’t remember the last time I heard “Like A G6”, nor do I remember the last time I heard the song, and didn’t want to throw myself through a window.

“I honestly thought I was at a middle school dance, like what was that music.” said, Ericelle Crispe, senior.

As far as I am concerned, the dance could be in a basement and be fantastic, providing the music is good. The DJ did not make it any better; he was genuinely splitting the songs in thirds and speeding them up, so you couldn’t sing along or even dance to them–overall, very disorienting for the dancers in the crowd. Then there were three slow dances, two of which were back to back.

“I have no idea what the DJ was thinking, or even if the DJ had any idea what he was doing.”said Shane Siebenthall, senior.

The dance overall was fun, but the DJ should try a different strategy for future reference. Overall, last year’s prom was definitely more energetic compared to this year’s, and I believe that this year’s prom would have had a much more energetic atmosphere if the music was more oriented towards high school students. Both years were very memorable.