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Leigh starting bowl renovation

by Alanna Keenan, staff writer

Photo by Arman Nikfar

The Leigh football stadium will be renovated starting June 9, 2017 (the day after graduation) and will be under construction for the whole summer. The existing track and turf field will be ripped up and a new track and turf football field will be put in. Leigh summer camps and summer training practices will be held on the upper grass fields while the turf and track are under construction.

The football stadium is the first of many renovations planned at Leigh in the next few years. Almost all of the athletic facilities are scheduled to be remodeled by 2020. Pre-existing athletic centers will be renovated first.

Leigh is undergoing renovations to prepare for the increase in students for the next couple years. Athletic Director Jake Shaughnessy is helping facilitate the remodels, saying that “90 percent of Leigh needs to be “systemically refitted”.

The Leigh pool is the next facility to be renovated. If the funding goals are met, the Leigh pool will begin remodeling on Aug. 1, 2017 and will be finished by Feb. 1, 2018.  The new pool would be deep enough to host swim meets for the spring 2017 season and to have a water polo team in the fall of 2018.

“I’m excited to have a pool that you can dive into, even though it might not be ready in time for me to use it”, said Kaelyn Mikami, junior.

Following the replacement of the turf and track, the scoreboard and press box in the football stadium will be renovated in March. The scoreboard will be moved to the other side of the field and the press box is being completely renovated. These renovations are beginning in March because they are both needed for fall football and winter soccer seasons and would not be completed in time if they were rebuilt during the summer.