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SOS struts for prom funding

by Katie McDonnal, News Editor

Photo courtesy of David Estrin

On Friday, May 5, the Sisters and Misters of Society Club (SOS) hosted its 8th Annual Fashion Show. The show’s proceeds of the night go to help fund a prom for the Best Buddies, a group of special needs students from Branham High School.

 Junior Ashley Montrezza has participated in the show and been in the club since her freshman year.

“I decided to be a part of the club and especially the fashion show because the purpose of having the event was to raise money for the Best Buddies prom which allows for special needs students to experience prom in a way that makes them comfortable and happy,” said Montrezza.

Throughout the show, both contestants from Leigh and students from Best Buddies walked the runway.

“[The Best Buddies] bring so much character to the show and literally make everyone love coming and supporting the event,” said Montrezza.  

Along with the show, the club also raffled off donated baskets.

“The fashion is almost purely funded from donations, from dresses the contestants wear to the food they snack on backstage! With all that’s donated to the show, it truly fits the show’s purpose to raise money and give back to the Best Buddies special needs program at Branham High School for a prom just for them,” said Kelly Kavousi, one of four presidents of SOS.

The fashion show is put on by volunteers and contestants, and is one of the biggest events that the SOS does throughout the year.

“[There were] thirty-ish, forty people who walked and then the SOS Board which I think is like four people, and then a few other people helped out. And then Mrs. Duffy also helped out,” said participant Daniel Tabibian, senior.

There are different fundraisers that clubs at Leigh do such as bake sales and open mics, but doing a fashion show fundraiser can appeal to all.

“It’s a memory really everyone a part of the show–SOS members, the Best Buddies, and all of those who attended–can think back on and just smile. So, in essence, the Fashion Show acts as a fundraiser but also brings the community together, creating long-lasting memories, which is in accord with SOS’s mission statement,” said Kavousi.