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WASC: “Best case scenario recommendation”

by Cole Romine, staff writer

Photo by Lucas Martines

The results are in: neither Leigh nor the student body is going anywhere. On May 11, principal Kara Butler announced. “We are off probation and will not have another visit until the school year 2020.”

 “I’m really happy that we passed,” said Colton Nemechek, senior, “as I believe that we should have passed all along. Our school definitely got a bad rap that it didn’t deserve. I was never particularly worried about us failing but it was slightly unnerving.”

For a while, the Leigh community had been holding on to the edge of their seats, hoping that the school could regain its accreditation status instead of being stuck in the probation phase that has held for the past three years. Leigh was able to get off of probation by improving the  administrative structure, as well as communicating better with the community, staff, district, and school board.

“I expected Leigh to pass, but there is always that anxious “whatif!” involved it is just what happens when a school is on probation” said Sera Holmberg, junior.

The kind and generous support from the parental community, the expansion of the loud voices from the students, and the committed people who help run this school and its education, the staff, have also played large role in helping bring Leigh back from its probationary status.