Behind the scenes with the cast of “Noises Off”


Maggie Malin: female understudy

Peyton Herzog: Tim

Nate Thayer: male understudy

Lauren Coleman: Belinda/Flavia

Sydney Schleicher: assistant director

Stephanie Calhoun: Vicky

Alexis Gregorie: Dotty/Mrs.Clackett

Bryan Ringstead: Drama teacher/Director


Cast Quotes:

“Act two [is very hard to rehearse because] there’s no talking in about 85% of it, it’s all blocking, it’s ridiculous!” -Maggie Malin, freshman


“[The cast] is like, new people, but it’s like great because we’re all bonding really well and we all connect really well.” -Peyton Herzog, junior


“The casting process was rough though, because there were only eight spots, everybody was working really hard so it was really nerve wracking casting process” [over 40 students auditioned for nine roles] -Lauren Coleman


“This play might be more popular than like, “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern” because it’s a comedy, it’s more straightforward, and it’s easy to understand” – Nate Thayer, sophomore


“Trying to memorize Act two and perform it without a set has been hard” -Stephanie Calhoun, senior


“For context, [Noises off] is a play within a play” -Bryan Ringstead, teacher


“Come see the show! And make sure to come the opening weekend because our closing nights tend to get busy.” -Bryan Ringstead