Did Clooney Direct a Flop?

Suburbicon is a movie that is placed in a peaceful neighborhood, called Suburbicon, in the 1950’s, but underlying deceit and violence is taken on by a father who wants to solve the problems Suburbicon has.

The real deceit and violence is actually the father and his family. The only person who has no idea what is going on is his son, Nicky Lodge (Noah Jupe), who is just a normal boy before moving to Suburbicon and seeing the problems his family causes. The father, Gardner Lodge (Matt Damon), is behind most of the crime and is in trouble with the mob. Nicky’s mom, Rose Lodge (Julianne Moore), is wheelchair bound after a car crash the father got in. Rose is the main voice of reason, but eventually becomes a liability to the father. Rose’s sister, Margaret, is staying with the family in Suburbicon while all this is happening. While she starts out mentally stable in the movie, she eventually becomes unstable and joins the father in causing violence. While these characters are not the only ones in the movie they are the main ones.

The problem with this movie is that it goes in too many directions, because it includes an African American family that just moved into Suburbicon and is struggling with the neighbors racism. While they do also make this a point in the movie, it just doesn’t make enough sense to add. Also, it includes so many plot twists from the Lodge family that does not matter toward the plot like the aforementioned family. While these twists may have meaning, they have too many and it causes confusion towards anybody who is trying to understand it. Other problems include the music which always felt like it didn’t go with the moment and the acting felt slightly off, like there was cues and they didn’t hit them or emotions they didn’t quite hit. The grade for this movie is C, but I recommend if you don’t care about the plot being all out of sorts and if you like violence in movies with slight humor.