A Walk in the Gruselig Forest

Choose a path, any path, but remember this: Each one may be more frightening than the other. Leigh High School drama department opened their haunted house on Oct. 24, which ran through Oct. 28, and the final showing was on Oct. 31. The performances were written and performed by students and was directed by Eric Dannenberg, senior.

Script one began with Ellie and Karl, a couple on their honeymoon and were also our guides. We were then being taken by Ellie and Karl who has a magical book and opens it up and everyone was transported to the campfire with a bunch of Boy Scouts telling stories. They throw a girl into the fire and then threaten Ellie, Karl kills them reluctantly. They then run into the Amazon rainforest, when suddenly something attacks the group. They run into another place which has graves and dead bodies and there was a lady who has a slit mouth and who takes a person from the audience and kills her, the group runs to the next room where Ellie and Karl are arguing. A guy then jumps up and yells at Ellie, so Karl strangled the guy to death. They go into the next room where there’s a lady drowning, but she turns out to be a snake woman and Karl also kills her. You’re then making your way into a creepy cabin room where there is lots of yelling. At the end, Karl kills Ellie and falls in love with someone named Rapunzel.
In Script two, the Gruselig Forest was a night to remember. When you first walk in, you are touring and walking through the forest. The actors took and trapped you in a room, and would not let you come out. By far the scariest part was when actors were hiding in barrels, waiting for people to walk by. At some points, actors were even crawling through bushes and jumping at your feet.

In Script three, a new tour guide named Trent is leading you through a  grossage forrest. Trent is very stupid, so they didn’t know what was going on, and he also very ignorant. Alex and Riley follow along and go to the campfire room and bunch of creepy little girls, with knives, all in white dresses to kill another girl. They go into another room and the creepy girls show up again. Creep girls show up again and threatened the wife of the ogre. The ogre was blind and he goes and kills Fifi and Trent gets fired and Alex then dies.