Aladdin Flies into SF

      With a bang and a flash, Disney’s Aladdin is here in San Francisco. Bursting with an abundant orchestra and dancers with costumes of every color, the musical comes to life right in front of your eyes.

     The production of the show opens with the Genie, setting the scene as if he is the narrator. Then before you can blink, the backdrop is dropped to reveal the bustling city of Agrabah.

      In the song “Arabian Nights” the entire ensemble is decorated in brightly colored outfits, as they dance to the sounds of Arabian tunes in the streets of a busy marketplace. Once the song is finished, the musical delves deeper into the character Aladdin, as they show how he is simply a poor boy who is only a “thief”  because he cannot afford to buy food.

       Actor Adam Jacobs who plays the mysterious yet charming Aladdin graces the stage with his fascinating performance of the song “Proud of Your Boy.” Jacobs’ powerful voice fills the stage as he sings with pure emotion in every note.

     Following Jacobs’ stunning performance, the genie returns in the stage singing the song “Friend Like Me.” This song was the biggest dance number of the entire musical. Actor Anthony Murphy, who plays the Genie, shines like a true star in this number as he radiates energy and causes smiles all throughout the audience.

     With more dancers and golden set pieces that you can take in, the number “Friend Like Me” will linger in your memory for a lifetime. Including tons of sparkling costumes, a booming orchestra and a finale with pyrotechnics, this number is sure for a standing ovation every night.

     Lastly, the number that sprinkled theatre magic over the entire audience was the iconic song “A Whole New World.” With a real flying carpet and the sensational performances by both Jacobs (Aladdin) and Isabelle McCalla (Jasmine) the number comes to life as if it is straight out of a dream. As the magic carpet soars, so does the audience’s hearts.

       Overall, Disney’s Aladdin will leave a lasting impression on every person that see’s the show. The travelling production will be in San Francisco until January of 2018 and you can swipe tickets for the show at