Alex Torres Cruz: the unsung hero

Editor’s Note: Through this new series, each edition the Eleight’s Sport Staff are going to highlight a player who is not as well known, due to their position or sport, and deserves more credit for their work on the field or court. Here is the recognition for the unsung heroes in sports.


   Alex Torres Cruz is one of many unsung heroes here at Leigh. Torres has played soccer ever since he was just a little kid, and when he moved he remembered that it was a lot different here than in Mexico. He was born in Mexico with his family. His passion when he moved to the states was soccer. Torres’ brother had a big impact on him with soccer because he wanted to be just like him and hopefully better.

“When I was 12 years old I started getting very serious about the sport and tried out for a comp team The De Anza Force and made it.” Making the team, Torres really enhanced his skills to the next level.

“My biggest accomplishment is definitely making varsity freshman year. Also winning State Cup in 2015,” he said. Torres’ new goal in soccer this year is to play in college.

He has been on the boys varsity soccer team all three now years at Leigh and plays center mid. The major struggle Torres goes through is balancing school soccer and friends and family. Soccer has let him make many friends that he will remember forever.

Torres is the unsung hero of Leigh because he’s a real leader on and off the field. He’s the captain of the team because the skills he brings and fun he has. He has always been a leader in sports and everything else he does. He’s not one to brag but you can see and tell by the way he plays and leads on the team he is always talking and telling everyone what to do.

Torres is a role model to many players on the team that look up to him and try to be just like him yes the stats don’t show he is the top goal scorer or anything, but without his presents on the field it’s easy to say they are not the same making him the unsung hero.