Christmas lights: We debate

As the holiday season commences, so do people who decorate their houses for Christmas. But, when is it the appropriate time to put up Christmas lights?

This debate floats up to the public’s conscience every winter season. Some say Dec. 1 is too soon, some say not soon enough.

“People always say the day after Thanksgiving and I understand that because you have your lights up longer, but I prefer Dec. 1 because then it’s really Christmas time,” said Brianna Lynch, junior.

Some will grab their decorations straight from their attic or pick up a tree as soon as 12 am on the day after Thanksgiving. Then, those who are religious might start their decorating once Advent begins. However, many, such as Lynch, would disagree and state that those times are far too early to decorate.

“December because that’s the month that Christmas is in,” a short and simple answer from Giovanni Giannosa, freshman.

It seems that the unanimous vote is to curb your Christmas enthusiasm until Dec. 1! People should keep their tacky decorations in the storage until December officially starts. However, no one needs to dictate how early anyone can show their Christmas spirit. But, those who get a real tree the day of Thanksgiving or anytime too early can risk their tree drying out which can also be a dangerous fire hazard.

Many think that putting up their Christmas lights after Thanksgiving allows them to get a headstart on the festivities. But, who is to say what time people should “Deck the Halls”?

Personally, I think November is to be associated with Thanksgiving rather than Christmas, so it doesn’t feel like Christmas until December begins. Then, December is when it really gets cold in California. This year, the weather didn’t cool down until late November and early December. The cold adds to the Christmas feeling for many.

“At least [put them up in] December because you’re running into Christmas too fast,” stated John McKinnon, sophomore.

In a nutshell, while not a very heated debate, this argument dictates many people’s decor decisions when Mariah Carey starts to play on loop annually.