COCO Strums Heartstrings of Audience


       The highly anticipated Disney Pixar film, “Coco,” goes above and beyond in exceeding its audiences’ expectations. The story follows a young boy who wants his music to be heard, leading him on a journey through the land of the dead during the Dia de Los Muertos! Directed by Lee Unkrich, who worked on timeless animations such as “Finding Nemo,” and veteran Pixar animator Adrian Molina, “Coco” successfully incorporates Mexico’s authentic culture into an action-packed adventure that is a smooth, light, easy-to-follow film about dreams and the importance of family, all the while including heartfelt reminders to drive the movie to the top of the charts.

      Dominating the box office by outranking “Justice League,” “Wonder,” and “Thor: Ragnarok,” Unkrich and Molina have established the importance of a family friendly movie, all while integrating the usual Pixar animators emotional sneak attacks leaving the audience overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised to find a tear roll down their cheeks. The movie was pitched in 2010 by Unkrich, while in the midst of finishing his own work on “Toy Story 3,” and has taken six to seven years to complete, assembling much anticipation from audiences worldwide.

        The film exceeds expectations creating intricate animated details to makes the settings and characters come to life on the screen, infusing new plot information effortlessly into the storyline, and following outstanding action sequences and subtly placed moments to bring all viewers to the theaters. To describe the whole plot would be to spoil the whole movie and that would be frowned upon, but I will leave you with this: most of the plot is depicted within a photo that the young boy had stolen from his family’s ofrenda, or ritual altar for a collection of offerings to the dead, and brought with him through the land of the dead. The photo is important in that it leaves the boy and the audience without the big picture of the movie. Once the photo is restored, the ultimate plot is revealed and the audience is left in amazed astonishment and the end credits begin to roll.

      “Coco” is a twist on the classic family adventure as it takes its viewers on an enjoyable ride through self-discovery and family importance. It’s the perfect feel good movie to get lost in so go! Laugh, cry and sing along to Coco, for it won’t be in theaters forever.  A+