Checking up on the freshman

After middle school, the next level in life, high school comes and this can be a huge transition for many freshmen such as myself. I wish had received more advice and followed it better, but I know if I were to go back in time and tell my middle school self anything about what the high school transition is like, I would say that it was the same as the transition from elementary to middle school. The people are bigger, the school work is harder, and there is more of it. There are more expectations and grades matter since colleges will look at them, but some pluses can be extra options for sports, cool clubs, a lot more people to make friends with, and a chance to prove that as school gets harder, you can keep up with the work and social aspect of going to school.

Huy Luong, a freshman who has a positive outlook, Luong said“The students at Leigh are a lot more mature and more grown up, in the way that they take things more seriously.”

Haaram Kim, freshman said, “It was hard, a lot more people at Leigh than my middle school, but after a few weeks it got like normal…. I made a lot more friends at high school I think than middle school.”

Kim also talked about how how the classes are more advanced saying, “Stuff is harder [in high school].”

These are the positives and negatives of coming to a new school and having to find how you will adapt. Edgar Cortes, junior, suggested working hard and following your dreams, simple tips but effective. To do this you have to find out what works for you to be the most productive.

It may be a struggle at first, but you do get used to high school and the transition from middle school just like when you went from elementary to middle school. Although just because you find what works for you don’t forget that you still need to work hard to be productive and get good grades, so you can make the next transition whether it be going to college or getting a job or starting other adventures, because wherever you go after high school you will be a freshman once again.