Is Valentine’s Day just a Hallmark holiday?

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is often celebrated by couples or people who are infatuated with the thought of love. However, is the proper way to show how much you care for someone with a superficial gift?

By late January, if one walks into almost any store, they will see a whole aisle dedicated to cheap chocolates, candies, stuffed animals, and any items that are associated with love. According to CNN, the average amount spent for Valentine’s Day is $130.97 per person.

The total amount of money spent for Valentine’s Day annually is normally over $18.2 billion as it is recorded by the National Retail Federation. People normally expect to receive an expensive gift from their significant other on this seemingly important day.

“There shouldn’t be a designated day to give your partner a gift. If you want to give your partner a gift, then you should,” said Aleena Hathaway, junior.

The idea is put into the heads of many that it’s customary to spend a little extra on their significant other for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries which is okay, but should people not celebrate their love for eachother on other days of the year as well?

“If it’s a fun holiday that gets people to celebrate love, then so be it. There is no harm. Single people may hate it, but singles are always grumpy, so have fun this V-day,” replied Benjamin Bear, senior.

Hallmark adds fuel to the fire, which is the ridiculous amount of money spent during this season for this holiday, with their cards. On their website, there are 911 different Valentine’s Day cards available for purchase.

“It’s just like glorifying couples spending time together and you have to be extra and special to them,” stated Mikenna Wallters, freshman.

A common act of showing one’s love on any occasion is by purchasing flowers, specifically roses, for their significant other. About 198 million roses were grown for Valentine’s Day in 2010 as estimated by the Society of American Florists. Around this holiday, the cost of flowers normally increase with the demand.

Even though Valentine’s Day is often associated with just spending money in order to please one’s significant other, it shouldn’t be spoiled for those who actually show how much they care for one another. Showing love should not be just limited to Valentine’s Day, you should show your love year round.