AP World History may be dropped

Recently, there have been rumours that AP World History will no longer be offered, starting from the 2018-19 school year. When approached for comment and confirmation, Principal Kara Butler stated that it was unclear if the class would be dropped or not, as the staff and administration “haven’t fully made the decision.” However, it is definitely a possibility.

Regardless of the fact that AP World History’s status as a class offered next year is unknown, students have already formed their opinions on the possibility.

“I was planning to take AP World History next year, so if it was cancelled I would be disappointed, since the number of AP classes I can take as a sophomore at Leigh are extremely limited,” said Fiona Sun, freshman.

It is unknown if there will be another AP class to replace AP World History in the case that it is dropped, or if sophomores will be able to take any AP classes, explaining Sun’s concerns.

If AP World History ceases to be offered, the change would affect all students. Rather than pushing the availability of the class to junior year from sophomore year, Butler stated that “if [AP World History] is not offered, it would not be offered for all students.”

While students will still learn the basic content of World History without an AP class, Kristina Oh, freshman, believes that “it is unfair that the people interested in taking AP World wouldn’t be able to.”

Oh also expressed a concern that being unable to take AP World History would make it more difficult for her to have a high GPA, hurting her chances in today’s highly competitive academic environment.

“If we want to have a competitive GPA, we need as many opportunities — aka AP classes — as possible,” said Oh.

If these views are shared by a large number of students and parents, Butler stated that she would “listen and discuss the reasoning” behind the complaints and concerns in the theoretical case that AP World History is dropped. However, Butler does not guarantee that such complaints would impact the decision, were it to be made.

Of course, there is a chance that there will be no reason for Oh and Sun to have such concerns. Butler stated that the conversation about AP World History has been “happening for a couple years;” thus, the conversation may still be going on next year.