Unsung Hero: Alice Barbieri

Alice Barbieri is one of many unsung heroes here at Leigh–with her great work on and off the field with soccer and her studies. She’s is an A student and always on top of her school work she’s the same way in soccer.

She started playing soccer in a recreation league when she was 3-years-old. She went to a camp called Kidz Love Soccer and that’s where the passion for soccer started and she fell in love with it. Her goal was always to go professional, ever since the first World Cup she saw in 2006. With Alice’s skills and talent in recreation league, she wanted to play at a more competitive level.

“When I was on my other team sporting I played forward, and when I was at De Anza Force I played defense just because I was taller than everyone and more physical and aggressive. Now at MVLA I play midfield. When I was playing for MVLA I got talked to by the University of San Francisco and Cal [UC Berkeley] but it’s not official at the 2017 ECNL Phoenix showcase,” said Barbieri.

Alice’s team mates believe she is the unsung hero too. Senior Ashley Wallace also believes “Alice is one of the most talented players here at Leigh and especially how she will only get better”.

“Alice is one of the most hard working girls on our team and with that she helps us work hard too,” said Mckenna Falarski, sophomore.

Some of Barbieri’s biggest accomplishments in soccer are playing on varsity as a freshman, starting, winning the Surf Cup Tournament and the state championship, and having the winning goal in the semi final game.

Here at Leigh, Barbieri has had a great impact on the team. She plays midfield and is a real leader even as a freshman. Barbieri is the unsung hero of Leigh because she’s a real leader on and off the field. She’s one of the most key parts to the team because of the skills she brings and fun she has. Barbieri has always been a leader in sports and everything else she does. She’s not one to brag but you can see and tell by the way she plays and leads on the team she is always talking and telling everyone what to do with the big role she has.

Barbieri is a role model to many players on the team that look up to her as one of the only freshmen on varsity. They try to be just like her. Yes, the stats don’t show she is the top goal scorer or anything, but without her presence on the field the team would not be the same.