Community college vs 4 year colleges: Which is better?

Are you somebody who likes new beginnings, for example, new house, new friends, and just a different atmosphere? Or are you somebody who likes to stay close to home and save up money to transfer to a University? If you want new start you should look into a 4-year and if you like staying close to home you can go to a community college and then transfer to a University after. In my opinion I have always been excited to start a new chapter in my life and move away to new people and a new atmosphere at a 4-year.

“I plan on going to a four year university. Personally, that is the best fit for me and what I want out of my college experience. But it really all depends on the student’s personal goals and ambitions. Both community college and four-years have their perks,” said Max Braker, junior.

Community college used to have a reputation of being less academically serious than traditional four-year universities. However, a lot has changed in the world of community college, as academic standards have risen.

“There aren’t any parties, or big events of any sort, so that’s something that can be slightly depressing,” says Arman Nikfar.

The choice of community college vs university really depends on your overall plan for higher education. There are many benefits to beginning your college career at a community college. The quality of education is comparable to traditional institutions of higher education, tuition is more affordable, and the schedule is more flexible.

“There [are] many benefits to going to a community school; for me it’s easy because I can live at home so I don’t have to worry about traveling home to see my family,” said Max Broberg, junior and future West Valley student.

Some students are still drawn to four-year universities, which offer many things a community college does not, including campus facilities, sports, and a more student life. Community colleges are changing the landscape of higher education and offering students many more options in pursuing their degree.

“A university is definitely the way to go, I’m a sophomore at San Diego State University and absolutely love it there. The best part is the college atmosphere and the big parties and school events,” says Kyle Bower.

There is a big difference in a 4-year schools and a community college. It really depends what type of person you are and what you prefer.