How we can help with students’ mental health

Mental illness is a significant issue that affects students and their work ethic at school. Mental illness is often swept under the rug by people. Some people who have mental illnesses will refuse to speak about it or if they confront others about their problems, they get shut down instead of helped.
Many schools include psychology programs and counseling for students who want to do it. These programs are extremely helpful for students with mental illness, especially by giving them a safe space in such a frightening environment.
“Many teachers and students are unaware of how much support is offered right here on campus. Better communication to both the staff and the students about the help that is available as well as how to access that help would be a start,” stated Melissa Fales, social sciences teacher.
But, some with mental illness find themselves unable to talk about their problems to people and keep it hidden. This is where teachers should step in if they notice any problems arising with a student. Mental illnesses can cause someone to procrastinate, be absent continuously, and have plummeting grades. Despite teachers normally not having any experience with children psychology, they should be able to spot any setbacks with a student.
“They wouldn’t want to do it, [work] so they would feel unmotivated especially with depression,” said Kasandra Ortiz, junior.
People who are hesitant to talk about their problems should be supported with trust. To help a person who has trouble opening up to others, be patient and show care. Offer ways to help and show that that person shouldn’t have to bottle up their feelings to themselves.
“Teachers need to know what’s going on with the kid to help them…if the kid has anxiety or trouble talking to the teacher it could be much harder for the teacher to give them the help they need,” claimed Carston Willems, sophomore.
The mental health of students should be a top priority for schools. Staff members should show more support for students with mental illnesses, more students can feel comfortable with their school environment. It would be nice for schools to acknowledge the mental health awareness month and to identify the green ribbon, which signifies mental illness. Hopefully in the nearby future, less stress will be put on students and more care will be put into their mental health.