Junior College grant creates opportunity

As college rapidly approaches, many seniors have chosen to take the junior college route. To help these students, the College Promise Program has been set up in 23 states, including California. This program provides grants that cover one year of tuition, textbook vouchers, transportation support, and free parking.

The California College Promise Program was introduced by Assembly members Jose Medina, the chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee, Miguel Santiago, and Freddie Rodriguez.

Since 1985, California Community Colleges have invested more than five billion dollars in assistance to students through the Board of Governors fee waiver. This helps over five million students.

Calcollegepromise.org claims, “Currently, more than one million of California’s 2.1 million community college students enrolled statewide receive a fee waiver and 66 percent of the units taught are attended by students whose fees are waived.”

The California College Promise Program is set up by the different high school districts. Students in the Campbell Union High School District can apply for this grant at San Jose City College and West Valley College.

The grant has swayed several students to go to a junior college. “Why say no when it’s free?” said Keyan Kaderi, a senior who will go to West Valley College.

The California College Promise Program is only one of thousands of companies and programs that work towards getting more students into college.

“It is a great program. It is going to open the door for a group of students who did not have the opportunity to go to school before.” said Leigh’s College and Career Counselor Natalie Goricanec.

The program gives people the opportunity to do something that might not have been an option otherwise. These grant and scholarship systems give students the help they need towards a better future.