Leigh seniors’ most memorable moments from high school

A big part of the high school experience is making those lifelong memories that you can look back to when your older. Here are some of the most memorable moments from the seniors of the class of 2018!

“Making memories with my friends and creating brother like bonds with my wrestling team,” said Grant Kaiser, senior.

“ Hacky sacking in the quad at lunch,” said Luke Prince, senior

“Going on a ski trip with all of my friends at copperopolis,” said Haley Gibson, senior.“Probably going on my trip to Hawaii, or getting to the front of the stage at Rolling Loud,” said Kyleigh Fertitta, senior.

“ Going to Tahoe con mis amigos por mi cumpleanos,” said Cole Johnson, senior.

“Being on homecoming court, participating in the activities throughout the week and performing the lip sync was all super fun. And it was memorable to be able to walk across the field with my parents, that was cool,” said Molly Peck, senior. “Probably doing better alot better on a test than people said anyone would do,” said Amber Mcgrogan, senior.