Leigh’s New Hit Musical “A Chorus Line”

Love, loss, self identity and the awkwardness of growing up. All of this was captured in the performances of Leigh’s production of  “A Chorus Line.” The show opens with the stage crowded with aspiring broadway dancers vying for parts in a new musical. Once many of the ensemble members get cut, the leads emerge and begin to tell the stories of their lives. Lead characters then fall into the “Chorus Line” as they continue to sing about their past. Each lead gets a solo song on why they are there and why they have become dancers.

Unfortunately, one detriment to the show included the fact that some content had to be cut in order to satisfy the school’s recommended PG rating. Original songs such as “Dance: 10 Looks: 3” which includes the repeated lyric “tits and ass” had to be changed to “this and that.” Ironically, they ended up keeping the same suggestive choreography, as well as keeping certain provocative lines, as “[breast implants] Didn’t hurt my sex life either!” In spite of the change in lyrics, Val (Lauren Coleman, senior) got a well earned round of applause after her performance of the song.

It’s unfortunate that the show had to be cut down because the amount of adult content in the show seemed beneficial to the story. All of the onstage awkwardness and sexual tension helped convey the idea that the dancers on the line were real people that grew up, are trying to get a job, and want to feel loved, just like the rest of us.

Regardless of a few technical errors such as missed curtain cues, dropped lines and many mics that cut out mid song or monologue, certain performers rose above the call of duty, and shined like the stars they are. Numbers that especially stood out were Diana’s (Isabel Thomas, sophomore) flawless rendition of “What I Did For Love,”  and Paul’s (Nicholas Enea, senior) moving monologue about growing up as a closeted gay teen.

All in all, Leigh’s production of “A Chorus Line” could use a few days to work out the technical errors, and maybe just a few more rehearsals to clean up the full cast dance numbers. But because of the few outstanding members, and all of the ensemble’s positive energy radiating through the show, it was a very entertaining show to watch.