“New Girl” Is Back For One More Mess Around

Marriage, career advancement, pregnancy, children, and of course shenanigans all come together in the final season of “New Girl.” Part of a TV show truly like no other, this season may not have been the very best, but it certainly did not disappoint.
Last season, we were left with the exciting news of Cece’s (Hannah Simone) pregnancy, Winston (Lamorne Morris) and Aly (Nasim Pedrad) getting married, and the happy picture of Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson) finally realizing they’re perfect for each other and kissing in the elevator (a tear-jerker if I ever knew one).
This season (which ran April 10 to May 15) opens about three years later. Winston and Aly are married and pregnant. Jess and Nick have just returned from Nick’s book tour in Europe, but he has still not proposed.The new New Girl is Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Cece’s daughter, Ruth Bader Parekh Schmidt (played by twins Danielle and Rhiannon Rockoff), who is cute and funny, with the perfect mix of her parents’ personalities.
The first few episodes are a rocky start, and I wondered at first whether this season was trying to succeed off of nostalgia alone, but the laughs come in by the third episode, and then it’s typical “New Girl” hilarity. The writers strike a great balance between Schmidt and Cece’s new lives as parents and the iconic friends’ adventures together. Some shows get a little lazy once their characters have advanced into the marriage-and-children stage, but that is not the case here.
Season 7 sees such events as Furguson’s yahrzeit complete with Schmidt saying kaddish, Jess and Cece working together to overthrow the patriarchy, and even a final round of True American. Prank Sinatra hasn’t gone anywhere, and while it isn’t Cece and Winston’s first mess-around, we do get a confess-around. These eight short episodes wrap up the tale of the friends in loft 4D and give fans the closure we need.
This show has done an amazing job creating real, deep personalities for all of its main characters, and they are able to perfectly finish off the series with a comedic, emotional, and well-crafted season. Though it didn’t blow me away, I think we are all sorry to see this fantastic show end.


Episode 1: About Three Years Later
Last season, we were left with the exciting news of Cece’s pregnancy, Winston and Aly getting married, and the happy picture of Jess and Nick finally realizing they’re perfect for each other and kissing in the elevator (ngl I cried).
Winston and Aly already got married, Aly’s pregnant
Jess and Nick just returned from a long trip around Europe for Nick’s book
Ruth Bader Parekh Schmidt
Ruth’s birthday party, Jess wants Nick to propose, Nick tries to propose

Episode 2: Tuesday Meeting
Nick has no more ideas for writing, his publisher says Pepperwood is over
Jess and Cece lament about the treatment of women in the workplace, and in all male-dominated culture
Schmidt and Cece struggle to get Ruth to sleep at night; she finally does when Nick tells her stories about his life and in this way, he is able to defeat his writer’s block

Episode 3: Lillypads
Schmidt wants to get Ruth into competitive preschool Lillypads
Jess and Schmidt argue about the best way for Ruth to learn
In this episode, the writers finally hit their stride and it’s pretty funny as usual
Ruth aces her interview at Lillypads, but then gets mad and screams, “The whole system is corrupt,” and all the over-competitioned kids lose it and wreck the room, she has set them free
Nick struggles to overcome writers block and Winston helps him through it while Winston breaks down in court
Ruth ends up at Triangles preschool, which is more down to earth

Episode 4: Where the Road Goes
Yahrzeit for Furguson, complete with Schmidt saying kaddish
Everyone at an event at Nick’s bar for Furguson’s memorial
Nick and Coach are mad at each other about something, turns out Coach owes Nick over $70,000 for a restaurant he wanted to start
Nick doesn’t own the bar anymore
Winston finds new cat, Nafta

Episode 5: Godparents
Schmidt finally goes back to work at Associated Strategies after paternity leave with Ruth, but it’s hard for him to adjust
Cece takes a week off to take care of Ruth, but struggles to keep up, and Nick helps her and Schmidt and Cece see that Nick is a good godparent-type for Ruth
Jess finds a man she believes to be Winston’s father, but it turns out to be a different man
Winston and Aly make Jess their future son’s godmother
Schmidt decides to quit his job and stay home with Ruth full-time

Episode 6: Mario
Jess and Nick adopt a dog together, Nick proposes
Winston gets to try out glasses to let him see color for the first time
Cece and Schmidt decide to have another baby

Episode 7: The Curse of the Pirate Bride
Nick and Jess are getting married, they think they’re cursed because they didn’t follow tradition
Aly goes into labor, the baby is “Dan-Bill Bishop”
Nick and Jess end up getting married in a hospital

Episode 8: Engram Pattersky
Jess and Nick are evicted from the loft so Cece, Schmidt, Winston, Nick, and Jess get together for one final reminisce about the times they spent there
One final round of True American
Turns out the whole eviction was just Prank Sinatra striking again