Prom prep: boys vs. girls

     Prom is a night that every high school student gets to experience, and this year it was in downtown San Jose, which was super fun. Since prom is an event that most schools have and are all within the same month or so, it can be a lot for both girls and guys. Girls especially, since they have to book nail, hair, and makeup appointments, sometimes weeks in advance. Hair and makeup need to be done on the same day, before pictures. Girls feel the need for everything to be perfect because most the time they care about what others think of them, and they just want to feel confident and have a wonderful night that they will always remember.

     As for guys, they just have to do their hair and pick out a suit and bowtie to wear.

     “It is really easy, all you got to do is take a shower, make sure your hair is lookin’ good and put on your suit before you pick up your date,” said Ryan Shenefield, senior. See for guys they just do their hair and put on their tuxedo, and are ready for a fun night!

     Britney Cooksey, senior, said, “It’s really stressful because everything needs to turn out perfect with your dress, hair and makeup.” Girls sometimes get their hair and makeup done professionally, which costs a lot of money.

    “My favorite part of prom is going to pictures and going to dinner with your date and all your friends, but my least favorite part is the stress in having to get ready,” Nela Kusalo, senior said. Dinner is a super fun thing that you get to do with your date and all your friends.

    Silas Viskovich, senior said, “The best part is the after party and the actual dance, getting to listen to music and dance with your date, and the worst is going to pictures.” Boys usually hate taking pictures, but that’s a really fun thing for girls to do.

    Girls tend to worry and stress much more about their appearance and having to impress their date. In the end, by the time the dance is over, they all forget the stress of prepping for prom and just think about the great time they had together with their date and all their friends.

    Most girls are much more concerned with how they look on prom day than guys are. Girls have to get their makeup and hair done, as well as spending a lot of time shopping and finding a dress that will flatter them most. Once that is done, they also have to get it altered to make sure it fits just right.  Prom is a very memorable night that all high school students should, and get to experience.