The Incredibles Have Returned!

It’s coming! After a 14 year wait, Pixar has finally blessed the world with sequel to the beloved “Incredibles”! The movie will premiere on June 18, 2018.
“Incredibles 2” was written by returning writer and voice of Edna Mode, Brad Bird. Also many of the original cast is returning. The new cast members are Sophia Bush (Voyd), Bob Odenkirk (Winston Deavor), Catherine Keener (Evelyn Deavor), and Isabella Rossellini (the Ambassador).
The film starts right where the first one left off, with the family fighting a super villain, The Underminer.The plot then focuses on Winston Deavor wanting to bring superheroes back into the limelight, but he only wants Elastigirl. Robert Parr, aka Mr. Incredible, struggles with his newfound role as main parent, while his children go through school, puberty, and life all while dealing with their powers.
While the first installment focused on families working together and supporting one another, the new movie embraces female empowerment and men being stay at home dads. In this day and age, these ideas are very much encouraged by the audience.
With “Incredibles 2” only a month away, the anticipation builds. On Rotten Tomatoes, the original Incredibles received 97 percent. It also made 633 million dollars in the box office. Many question whether or not the newest movie will stand hold its own against the original.
When asked about the upcoming film, students were optimistic.
“I hope it does not suck.” said Lauren Coleman, senior.
“It is not going to suck. It is going to be the best movie ever!” Aaron Wood, senior, said
The “Incredibles” franchise is one that is appreciated and loved by almost all Disney lovers. From those who have waited for the second movie ever since the first came out, to those who have never seen the original, “Incredibles 2” is expected will have seats filled by people of all ages.
“Looking forward to raiding the theater with a bunch of my friends. Nothing weird about a couple of teenage guys seeing a kids movie; we’ve waited 14 years for this!” said Drew Davis, senior.

Until the movie is released, on June 18, all the audience can do is wait. Hopefully with knowing Pixar’s reputation and the general public’s love for the movie, “Incredibles 2” will not disappoint.